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The bright future of Pakistan depends upon the development of SMEs

  Pakistan is facing lot of problems, like unemployment and slow growth in agriculture sector, etc. At this critical time we have to look seriously at different sectors of the economy that have the viability to provide employment to the million of unemployed. The higher employment growth possibility lies in the modern high technology industries but it is also present in the labor-intensive industries of the traditional small enterprise sector …

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Pakistan ignoring driving engine of economy

  Economic analysts are clearly divided into two distinct groups, one that believes small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the real driver of economy and another that believes that conglomerates are the real creators of value. Some management gurus believe it is only the perception but both are so minutely intermingled that one just can’t survive without other. They also believe that better these enterprises understand needs of each other …

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SMEs An effective tool for poverty alleviation

  The Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) considered as backbone of large scale industries and in fact can play an effective role in reducing poverty, which is increasing to an alarming scale in Pakistan. It is painful to see that even after 68 years of creation of Pakistan the dream of a peaceful, prosperous life with equal opportunities to every Pakistanis still seems to be a distant dream. It is …

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SMEs usually more productive than large enterprises

  Small and Medium Enterprises are the biggest group in terms of a number of industrial units. They play a pivotal role in the rapid industrialization of the country and have a significant effect on the income distribution, tax revenue, and employment. According to the World Bank, the SMEs are generally more productive than large enterprises. In the developing countries, SMEs are performing a very positive role in the development …

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Bank loans to breathe sigh of relief for ailing SMEs

  One of the biggest problems facing the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises sector is the lack of financing available to these firms. There is no reason that why is lending restrained to the sector after it contributes 35 percent to national exports and is considered to be the backbone of the economic sector. Despite substantial contribution of SME sector in the country’s GDP, the sector is not getting its due …

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