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Glowing role of telecommunication sector in growth of Pakistan

  Pakistan has been faced with a number of problems which include prolonged energy crisis, instability on the political front, a volatile security situation as well as questionable governance, all of which have caused hurdles for the country in being able to attract foreign investors. Despite these issues, however, the telecommunication sector seems to be doing well and is considered to be a rather lucrative business. Firms seems to be …

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Benefits and disadvantages of using cell phones

  The telecommunication industry in Pakistan has witnessed a striking growth over the past 10 years. In early days, owning a mobile phone and a SIM was more of a status symbol rather than a necessity. Due to a number of mobile companies entering into the country since 2004, owning a mobile phone turned into more of a need by virtue of social or economic standing. It was after 2005 …

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Information technology offering key role for education growth

  IT (Information Technology) is the use of computer and software to operate information. Microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications is the processing, acquisition, storage and dissemination of textual, numerical, vocal and pictorial information. Use of IT in higher education has been enhanced through a variety of stakeholders approximately in two decades. Critiques of the often overhyped and tendentious nature of this enhancement identify a range of attentions in operation …

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ICT convergence revolution in Pakistan

  Over the years Pakistan has witnessed boom in information technology and telecommunication. The successive governments kept the lowest possible import duty on computers, which increased number of users of computer manifold. This was followed by induction of cellular telephony, the latest being introduction of 3G and 4G technology. With smart phones also being available at affordable cost now the users can receive/send e-mail, complete bank transactions, pay their utility …

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PTA set to regulate mobile apps and OTT services

  The government vision for the growth of telecommunication sector is fighting fit, affordable as quality telecommunication services are being offered by open, competitive and well managed markets for the advantage of economy and society. The government has formulated a comprehensive ‘Pakistan Telecommunication Policy 2015’ and believed that it would spur socio-economic development and act as a catalyst towards achieving knowledge based society. The present government proclaimed that the telecommunication …

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Microtech presents comprehensive solutions to energy consumers

  Established in 1992, MicroTech Industries (MTI) has so far developed several telecommunications and power electronic products with in-house R&D facility, which distinguishes it from others. MTI smart metering solutions deliver a range of applications and equipment using an infrastructure comprising networked meters, communication networks and data collection and management systems. An ISO 9001:2000 certified, multi-discipline technology company involved in the design, development and manufacturing of hi-tech products, providing comprehensive …

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