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Pakistani youth revolutionizing the banking industry

  Pakistan has come a long way in the past decade in terms of higher education than any other era in its history. The growing population and a large, emerging block of youth made it imperative to bring educational reforms. New universities throughout the country have greatly helped in shouldering the responsibility of educating young minds and bring a relief in the highly competitive admission process. TPS has had a …

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No end of frustration among youth

  There is widespread frustration among Pakistani youth primarily due to majority of young people are facing chronic unemployment and underemployment amid lack of basic facilities in school, colleges and universities. According to the data of United Development Program, 32 percent of Pakistani youth is illiterate, about 10 percent unemployed and merely less than 6 percent have acquired technical skills, moreover, 71 percent of youth does not receive career counseling …

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Disparity in education

  Access to quality education is the right of every youth of Pakistan irrespective of his financial background. It is the duty of government to protect this right for both the prosperous and poor by ensuring the same standard of education throughout country. Unfortunately, one can observe a candid disparity in education — rich receiving education in high-standard institutions; while poor have no choice and only have to learned through …

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Pakistani youth competent to shape country’s future

  Pakistani youth no doubt are the asset of Pakistan as they have ability and hold the potential to build their future and that of their country. Young people posses the vigor to enthusiastically contribute in governance, democratic and socio-economic progress. It is necessary to empower young citizens and offer them with plentiful chances in order to engage them in social, political and economic affairs of the society as future …

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Jobless youth – A gravest social, economic problem

  One of the gravest social and economic problems facing the country is unemployment. It is a fact that one person out of ten is out of work in Pakistan. It is a global problem, even the most advanced and prosperous countries of the world like USA, Britain are Japan are faced with this problem. It is difficult to provide jobs to all but it can be tackled down. We …

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Financial education for youth

  There are lots of investment program in our country for big and small investors but no one ever have focused on creating some programs related to income generation for very small income persons or for school going kids. In our society income matters and it is a social security for one’s survival. I personally seriously felt the need of teaching our children about saving and investment ideas and its …

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